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Italian renewable chemistry company NextChem is to carry out a design study on behalf of Storengy for a plant that will make biomethane from waste wood and recovered solid fuel. NextChem, together with another subsidiary of the Maire Tecnimont Group, is to build a methane plant in Le Havre, France, by the end of 2022.
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The technology that will be used in the plant has already been successfully applied in the Gaya pilot plant near Lyon, owned by ENGIE, which validated the feasibility of biomethane production. This will be the first commercial project of its kind in the world to inject methane produced by pyro-gasification of waste wood into the grid, thus starting the so-called “second generation biomethane”.

NextChem will be responsible for the engineering and cost estimates for the syngas treatment plant, methanation plant and methane upgrading plant within this project. It will produce 11,000 tonnes of renewable and low carbon natural gas (biomethane) per year. The French company COMESSA is providing the design and delivery of the chemical reactor.

For more information, visit NextChem’s website.

Image: Fahkamram/Shutterstock