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Bright Biomethane from Enschede, The Netherlands will collaborate with Biogen Biotechnologies on Barbados for the production of biomethane from biogas.
Editorial office / Enschede

Barbados is an island in the Caribbean with about 284,000 inhabitants. It has to deal with a big waste problem; every day about 1,000 tons of waste is produced, of which 70% is organic. Currently, this all ends up in landfill sites.

Biogen Biotechnologies uses waste from the food industry as a raw material for biogas plants. It can also process other organic materials such as seaweed, sea moss and industrial waste. The result: biogas, can be used for energy generation, but also for making biomethane, with technology developed by Bright Biomethane.

Bright Biomethane uses advanced 3-stage membrane technology for upgrading. The methane is separated from the biogas by pumping through efficient membranes under high pressure. The product gas, biomethane can be injected into the national gas network or compressed into CNG (natural gas), which can also be used as a sustainable transport fuel. Barbados is currently dependent on imports from the United States for its full methane requirements; a distance of about three thousand kilometers across the ocean.