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The news about green hydrogen is mainly focussed on large-scale electrolysers and mega wind farms at sea. In Moerdijk they do things differently: a mobile, affordable and locally deployable production, based on pruning waste from nature management.
Editorial office / Moerdijk

It is already possible to make green hydrogen through the gasification of biomass. Proof of this can be found in the Pyrolysis Testing  Ground in Moerdijk. Entrepreneur Rob Vasbinder (Nettenergy) built his PyroGasifier and SYN2H installations there. They are ideal for supplying local petrol stations in the Green Heart with hydrogen fuel.

Moreover, a trial will start this year at the Vermeulen Group from Hazerswoude. This company carries out road management for Rijkswaterstaat in the green heart of the South-Netherlands, which means, among other things, mowing roadsides and pruning trees. The biomass residual flows will soon no longer go to the compost heap, but will be used for hydrogen, to heat the office and as low-emission transport fuel for the trucks of the group.

Gasification is one of the new value chains of the Pyrolysis Testing Ground. Read the full article in Agro & Chemistry.

Image: Literator / Shutterstock