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On January 16, 2019, the new MOOC ‘Biobased Products for a Sustainable (Bio)economy' will start. In this free online course, participants will learn how fossil fuels are being replaced by renewable resources to create sustainable and biobased products.
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As a participant, you will learn about the different types of biomass, the methods of refinery and typical conversion technologies used for biobased products. You can engage in a study of the practical and real-life examples emerging in the market: biopolymers, bioenergy, bioflavours, and biosurfactants. The key issues that must be overcome for the commercialization of biobased products are also discussed.

The course has been developed by a team of experts from seven different institutions and universities in three different countries, working together in CROSSBEE,  the Crossborder BioEconomy Education consortium. Among them the Ghent University and Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, Delft University of Technology (BE Basic), RWTH Aachen University, and Wageningen University & Research. They are all sharing their personal perspectives on the opportunities and challenges faced by the biobased industry.

After completing this MOOC, it is possible to enroll in additional, more advanced courses offered by the three top-ranked institutions Delft University of Technology, RWTH Aachen University, and Wageningen University & Research, such as: Industrial Biotechnology, MicroMasters Chemistry or Technology for Sustainability and Sustainable Development.

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