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On behalf of 15 parties from the European bio-economy, the Bio-Based Industries Consortium (BIC) has launched the joint  Vision of the Circular Bio-society in 2050.
Editorial office / Brussels

This Vision is a step towards the new Horizon Europe innovation program, the successor to the current Horizon 2020. “Over the past six years, it has become clear how important it is to bring different industrial sectors together and work together in value chains,” says Dirk Carrez, executive director of BIC: “From agriculture and forestry to processing to raw materials, chemicals, production and trade up to and including market parties and end users, consumers. It is no longer about food or non-food, but how we can valorize all components from a certain crop, so that a process without waste is created. “

That makes partnerships within and between sectors important. Carrez: “By entering into a dialogue, we can jointly ensure that everyone benefits from the circular bio-society: economically, socially and in terms of the environment.”

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