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Getting the maximum value out of biobased feedstock

Biorefining is the way to get maximum value out of biobased raw materials and to close…

Pierre Gielen

Research identifies promising chemicals for the Northern Netherlands

Research identifies promising chemicals for the Northern Netherlands

The availability of numerous basic chemicals at Chemical Park Delfzijl, combined with the region’s agricultural residual…

Pierre Gielen

Vidzeme Latvia

Regions and Green Growth: BIC Platform to connect regions and the bio-based industry launched

The Bio-Based Industries Consortium (BIC) has launched a new digital bioeconomy partnering platform in cooperation with…

Pierre Gielen

Plastic bags

Circular pathways for bio-based plastics require more cooperation

The demand for plastic packaging, of which a small part is bio-based, has increased strongly in…

Anne-Charlotte Hoes, Greet Overbeek, Marieke Meeusen

Handshake wirh protective gloves on

Cooperation: the foundation for success

Limburg has always been an outward-looking province, with intensive border traffic. No wonder: no other Dutch…

Pierre Gielen

Lady bug on corn

BIC launches joint Vision for a European circular bio-society

‘In the circular bio-society, informed citizens choose more sustainable means to live and acknowledge and benefit…

Pierre Gielen


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Wood pellets on the wharf

Guarantees needed for sustainable origin of biomass

Biomass is the only raw material that is subject to legal sustainability conditions. That is why…

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Fresh fish

WaSeaBi aims for better utilization of aquatic biomass

Aquatic biomass is an undervalued sidestream of considerable size in Europe: around 1.5 million tonnes per…

Editorial office / Brussels

Sun shining through the trees in a forest

Joint European vision for a circular bio-society

On behalf of 15 parties from the European bio-economy, the Bio-Based Industries Consortium (BIC) has launched…

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Bioeconomy and agriculture

BIC welcomes 21 new members

Twenty-one new members from the industry have recently officially joined the Bio-Based Industries Consortium (BIC). It…

Editorial office / Brussels

BIC welcomes 38 new members 1

BIC welcomes 38 new members

At 2017 General Assembly, the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) welcomed 16 new Full members and 22…

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Who steers the value chain?

Who steers the value chain?

Brand owners are seen in general as 'orchestrators' of biobased value chains. This was one of…

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