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Brand owners are seen in general as 'orchestrators' of biobased value chains. This was one of the findings of an audience survey at the conference Agri meets Chemicals which took place 1 november 2016 at the Rabobank in Utrecht.
Editorial office / Utrecht

In the discussion between several players in the value chain that ensued, it became apparent that the above statement is nothing more or less than a generalisation. ‘Each case needs to be assessed on its own’, Denis Luquin from VC-firm Sofinnova said. Nelleke van de Puil from Lego stated that Lego is only interested in the solution: a more sustainable alternative for ABS for its products. ‘We have no ambition to produce or market this future material. We only want exclusivity for our products. Not that other manufacturers would be interested, as this material will be specifically designed for our Lego-blocks.’

According to Peter Nieuwenhuizen of AkzoNobel, the discussion about who orchestrates the value chain is a bit mute. It is about innovation in the first place and getting the right private and public partners together. ‘We are in a joint-venture with Enerkem, a company that has developed a cost-competitive technology to turn (municipal) waste into syngas and methanol. When you talk about waste, you need to get public parties on board as waste collection and disposal is primarily carried out by the public sector.’

The conference Agri meets Chemicals was organized by Deloitte and Rabobank.