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Itero Technologies joins Chemical Recycling Europe (ChemRecEurope), a partnership representing the European chemical recycling industry to push for a sustainable and circular economy for plastics in Europe.
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Itero’s patented pyrolysis technology converts hard-to-recycle waste plastic into a chemical feedstock for new circular plastic products. The company has an R&D facility in the UK, near Heathrow, and is developing its first demonstration plant at scale on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen (The Netherlands).

ChemRecEurope aims to close the loop for the plastics industry with technology to chemically recycle all plastic waste into its original building blocks and/or other value-added materials. To this end, far-reaching changes are required throughout the plastics ecosystem, involving a review of every aspect of a product’s life cycle.

ChemRecEurope recognises the magnitude and urgency of the problem and, through pre-competitive co-operation, supports both the development of the infrastructure and the policies required by the chemical recycling industry, while at the same time encouraging high standards of responsibility and sustainability.

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Image: Brightlands Chemelot Campus