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With a recycling percentage of 45% of collected plastic waste, the Netherlands is the European leader in plastics recycling. The European average is 35%. It shows there is still much room for improvement.
Editorial office / Brussels

This is evident from figures from 2020 published earlier this year in the Circular Economy for Plastics report. They make it clear that opportunities remain, because more than half of the plastic waste collected is incinerated, even in our country that leads the way in recycling. Valuable raw materials for circular plastics are lost as a result, as is the opportunity to further reduce CO2 emissions.

Plastics Europe, the industry organisation, has been advocating at European level for some time now for an accelerated increase in the possibilities for chemical recycling, in addition to mechanical recycling. Firstly, by making plastic waste available for chemical recycling that is currently difficult to recycle mechanically, or for which separate separation and recycling do not break even.

See the Plastics Europe website for more information.

Image: Plastics Europe