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CBE JU has published a new set of infographics showing the joint undertaking’s support for the circular bio-based economy in each European country.
Editorial office / Brussels

With this publication, CBE JU demonstrates its contributions to the European sustainability and competitiveness,among others. Both were highlighted by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyenin her State of the Union address this week.

In von der Leyen’s words, “the European Green Deal was born out of the necessity to protect our planet. But it was also designed as an opportunity to preserve our future prosperity. Europe’s industry is showing every day that it is ready to power this transition.”

With more than 160 funded projects, the CBE JU has contributed significantly to the development of the circular bio-based economy in Europe, aiming to reconcile industrial modernisation and decarbonisation, while reducing dependence on strategic imports and creating local supply chains.

Detailed overview

To easily show the EU’s support for the circular bio-based economy in European countries, the CBE JU has released a set of infographics that provide a detailed overview of their funded projects in each country. These infographics offer valuable insights into the funding received, the types of beneficiaries, and the funding of small businesses in these projects. Additionally, they showcase the demonstration plants and flagship biorefineries per country.

These infographics are now available on the CBE JU website.

Image: Elena Noeva/Shutterstock