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The Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) has released a new infographic showing the impact of BBI JU projects in each European country.
Editorial office / Brussels

For example, BBI JU contributed €68.6 million to 72 projects in the Netherlands (average €953,000 per project) and €68.4 million to 78 projects in Belgium (average €877,000 per project). The front runner in Europe is France (€97.4 million divided over 62 projects: average €1.571 million per project).

So now you can find out for yourself how many BBI JU-funded projects are running in your country and how they contribute to shaping the national bioeconomy. For example, how many knowledge institutions are involved and how many (SME) companies? By capturing this data since the inception of BBI JU, the new infographics can show how the projects have contributed to the progress of biobased industries in European countries. For example, there is data on funding, start-ups, projects and applications in the annual calls for project proposals. This shows the relevance of BBI JU for the biobased economy in each country.

View the infographic on the BBI JU website.

Image: Hand Robot / Shutterstock