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Is it allowed to dispose of biodegradable packaging in nature? Of course not. And in the organic waste bin? Plastic manufacturers, packaging experts and waste processors did not really agree, during the meeting Biodegradable plastics ... When and where? on October 3rd 2018, at the Avans University of Applied Science in Breda.
Editorial office / Breda

The meeting on biodegradable plastics was organized by the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE) and BioBase4SME, with the aim to put an end to the confusion about the terms biobased and biodegradability.

It’s not an easy task. For example, composters do not want any plastics in the organic waste bin, even if they are degradable, since it may take up to two years before they are gone. Making biodegradable plastics that decay just as quickly as organic waste is almost impossible and moreover impractical. And so, degradable and non-degradable plastics disappear together in the incinerator, despite all good intentions of the manufacturers and consumers.

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