Trends and practical research in marine and aquatic biomass

Marine and aquatic biomass can be a promising source of sustainable bio-based materials. To actually process…

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DEEP PURPLE: purple phototrophic bacteria

Purple bacteria convert bio-waste into plastics, cellulose and cosmetics

DEEP PURPLE is not only the name of a legendary rock band. It also refers to…

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Water purifying system

Arvia demonstrates residual water purification system at Green Chemistry Campus

UK based Arvia Technology is going to set up an installation of their innovative water treatment…

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Webinar Resource Recovery from Waste Water Treatment

Resource recovery from waste water treatment

After a successful first webinar on biofuels, the Living Lab Biobased Brazil organizes the 2nd online…

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Biotech makes water purification industry more circular 1

Biotech makes water purification industry more circular

Rising populations, pollutions and virus theats make water purification more crucial than ever. Much of the…

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