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UK based Arvia Technology is going to set up an installation of their innovative water treatment system for the chemical industry, pharma and agrochem, among others, at the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom (The Netherlands).
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Arvia was introduced to the Green Chemistry Campus last year through the BioVoice Innovation & Business Booster challenge. It pitched a membrane technology for purifying residual water in response to a challenge from Cargill, winning a BioVoice innovation contract.

Environmentally friendly

Arvia’s new Nyex Rosalox™ water treatment system removes organic contaminants, such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), pesticides, insecticides and herbicides from wastewater by means of adsorption and electrochemical oxidation. Adsorption (not to be confused with absorption) involves a substance adhering to the surface of another substance. The process is very energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Moreover, no toxic sludge or secondary waste is produced, which means that incineration or disposal of the solid waste is no longer necessary.

The system will be installed at the Green Chemistry Campus demo facility in September and October. Companies active in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals and engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) sectors can schedule an appointment for an introduction.

Please contact business development manager Marcel Ernes of the Green Chemistry Campus for more information.

Image: Arvia Technology