Source B to the next phase? 1

Source B to the next phase?

A period of reflection started in Limburg after the black gold disappeared from this southern province…

Pierre Gielen


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Smart Farming

Digital Twins in agri-food

The European project Bio-Based Digital Twins (BBTWINS) is organising a webinar exploring the potential of digitaltwins…

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Biotech, Agrifoodtech

Planet and StartLife team up to support start-ups in agrifood and biotech

Biotechnology and food technology are related fields that increasingly intersect these days. That is why Planet…

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Frank van Genugeten van GroeneWoudGAS

Biogas, soil improver, fertiliser and insulation boards -all made from cow dung

Entrepreneur Frank van Genugten of GroeneWoudGAS in the Netherlands has won the 'Agrifoodplume': an innovation award…

Editorial office / Sint-Oedenrode

Biotech Investments

‘Investors are passing up opportunities in agri, food and industrial biotech’

While medical biotech is 'hot', private and public investors are often overlooking investment opportunities in agro,…

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Genetic modification of crops

FAO report describes pros and cons of gene-editing food

Gene-editing technologies such as CRISPR are more accurate and efficient than current plant and animal breeding…

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Vertical farming

€ 345 for a loaf of bread from a vertical urban farm

Urban agriculture, vertical crops, indoor farms and coloured LED lighting: they all seem to be efficient…

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