Plants Powering People


Royal Cosun is a modern, forward-looking cooperative, based in the Netherlands but working across the globe. We work with thousands of growers – both members and suppliers – applying our expertise to convert the enormous potential of plants into valuable solutions that are used every day. We produce not only vegetable ingredients and foodstuffs for people and animals but also biobased solutions and green energy.

Strong business groups

We operate through five strong business groups: Aviko, Duynie, Sensus, Cosun Beet Company and SVZ. Our business groups offer a wide variety of products and services but operate with the same clear vision and conviction. Our crops, such as potatoes and sugar beet and chicory roots, but also our fruit and the residual flows of, for example, beets and beer, are applied in many products. The product range covers such foodstuffs as French fries and syrup, ingredients for ginger cake and ice cream, meat substitutes and fruit juices, and also extends to animal feed, detergents, wallpaper paste and cosmetics.

Passionate professionals

Every day our staff of nearly 4,000 professionals at 26 locations in nine countries are working to make a real difference. At the heart of our cooperative are our 9,000 members. We also work with thousands of growers in the Netherlands and abroad. Thanks to all these passionate professionals, we achieve an annual turnover of approximately EUR 2 billion.

Our principles

Corporate social responsibility is important to us. We have set four principles that shape the way we think and work. We work together. We work sustainably. We show respect. And we care for a safe working environment and a good product. Our staff, managers, supervisors, customers and business partners can hold us to these Cosun Principles.


In the 120-plus years since we were founded, we have seen and overcome many challenges and obstacles. Long-term vision, entrepreneurship and cooperation are in our DNA. We have a free spirit and enjoy finding connections with society. We recognize the great challenges we are facing to reverse climate change and save the planet. Demand for sufficient, balanced food is an equally pressing issue that requires new solutions and we are confident we can deliver them. We believe plants have enormous potential. Plants give people positive energy and we let plants grow. There are infinite opportunities to harvest this energy with our growers to make a better future.

Unique position

We command a unique position in the market. Together with our growers, we have everything we need to put plants at the centre of our progress towards a better future. We are experts in sustainable agriculture and can guarantee the quality of our entire supply chain. Our growers, staff, suppliers and customers contribute to a sustainable and circular living environment for people and animals. Our ambition is a completely circular production chain for all our products and services. As we are already processing some 12 million tonnes of biomass every year, we are a major player in this area. With our innovative strength in circularity, we are exploring as many sustainable initiatives as possible for the benefit of society and our growers.

Clear ambition

Cosun has a clear ambition for 2030: we will be 100% plant-based, 100% circular and 100% transparent. At the beginning of that decade, we will be recognised in our markets as a leading and innovative brand.

We are seeking profitable growth and value creation for all our stakeholders. This ambition is rooted in plants, our heroes.

Business model

We are pursuing a completely circular business model. From sowing and growing, harvesting and processing, applying our ingredients in foodstuffs, drinks and nonfood products, and producing animal feed and green energy to their consumption by people and animals and, finally, fertilizing the fields to grow new crops. Our aim is to be the leader in sustainability.

Growing together

We work together as one Cosun. We fulfil our responsibilities to society and all our stakeholders. And we are adding to our lead by making optimal and complete use of our crops.