Chemport Europe is the incubator for green chemistry. It meets all the conditions that enable the sustainable chemistry of the future to develop and flourish. Chemport Europe offers a dynamic ecosystem for companies committed to a greener chemical sector.

What is so special about Chemport Europe?

The presence of several chains for your company to link up with, green raw materials in abundance, increasing amounts of sustainable energy and fast connections with every part of the world. The intensive cooperation between companies, universities and government in The Triple Helix. All share the same ambition. Permitting processes are expeditious and assisted by supportive NGOs. A unique combination of elements.


A successful transition to a sustainable chemical sector requires renewable raw materials. The Top Dutch region has a well-organised agricultural sector that produces sugar beet, potatoes and other crops in a highly efficient manner. There is no other part in the world that rivals the yield per hectare that is achieved here.

Chemistry/The chain

Your company can link up to and use integrated systems for all utilities available at the communal infrastructure. There is also a central wastewater purification system.

Connections with the rest of the world

Chemport Europe is well connected to the world by road, rail, ship and air with three mainports and three airports within 200 km. So you can import and export your materials and products efficiently.

Playing field for innovation

We focus on innovation. Characterised by curiosity and hunger for knowledge. The area is a playing field where research and experiments guarantee innovative ideas for products and applications.

Plenty of sustainable energy

Chemport Europe already obtains a large part of the required heat and energy from sustainable sources. Investments in solar energy and wind parks, combined with smart energy solutions guarantee sustainable energy with a high security of supply.

Knowledge and human capital

The Top Dutch region houses a leading university and several universities of applied sciences. We have testing sites where research is carried out into new products and applications. The area is also home to many talented young people who are highly motivated to work on the chemistry of the future.