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E5 and E10 are already very common on the pump today: gasoline mixtures to which 5 or 10% (bio) ethanol has been added. But modern cars can handle much more.
Editorial office / Raleigh

According to research by North Caroline State University in the US, commissioned by the environmental organization Urban Air Initiative (UAI). Modern cars not only run smoothly on a mixture with up to 27% ethanol; combustion is also more efficient and fewer greenhouse gases are emitted.

The researchers found in practical tests that the addition of extra ethanol resulted in a significantly reduced emission of particulate matter, carbon monoxide and CO2. The tested vehicles appear to be well able to adjust the ignition time and the air / fuel ratios.

It is striking that this study was conducted under real driving conditions. Vehicle testing usually takes place in laboratories. According to UAI technical director Steve Vander Griend, the research shows that almost every vehicle on the road today can contribute to reduced emissions.