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Upstream is a multi-day festival in Rotterdam, where scale-up founders, investors, students, policy makers and corporates with guts come together to talk about the big changes the world will have to undergo. Upstream provides access to capital, new markets and talent for entrepreneurs who want to scale their business.
Editorial office / Rotterdam

This is where you meet, learn and connect through a plethora of events, carefully curated and focusing on individual topics with a common goal: enabling innovations that will drive the transition to the next economy. An economy that is digital, carbon neutral, circular and inclusive. Driven by change-makers.

The main events of Upstream Festival take place at Bird Rotterdam. A three day programme, each with their own focus: Capital (finance), Talent (jobs) and Growth (scaling up). These events are accessible with a three day ticket. During the Upstream Festivals co-creators also organise city events spread all over the city. For these events individual registration is required.

Upstream’s partners are RVO Nederland, Rabobank, Delft, ICOS Capital and the municipalities of Rotterdam, Delft and Schiedam.

See the agenda for more information and registration options.

Image: Lightspring/Shutterstock