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Biotechnology company Novozymes and dairy company Arla Foods Ingredients have agreed a partnership to develop advanced protein ingredients using precision fermentation, the companies announced this week.
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Novozymes is specialised in the production of enzymes through precision fermentation, a technique that fine-tunes the molecular output of microorganisms, offering greater control over the fermentation process and enabling tailor-made protein compositions.

In the co-funded partnership with nutrition leader Arla Foods Ingredients, it will contribute its expertise in the creation of microbial strains for the industrial-scale production of proteins by precision fermentation.

This will be combined with Arla Foods Ingredients’ food technology knowhow – in particular in relation to separation and drying processes – and its knowledge of the regulatory landscape.

The initial focus of the collaboration will be a solution for medical nutrition – a category in which protein is an essential component – with expansion into other segments anticipated in future.

See Arla Food’s website for more information.

Image: Parilov/Shutterstock