The new DuPont stands for more openness

The new DuPont stands for more openness

To be a technology-driven innovation leader, is the ambition of the ‘new DuPont’ that in June…

Pierre Gielen

technoforce installatie

Four pilot plants under one roof

The brand-new Multipurpose Pilot Plant (MPP) at Brightlands Chemelot Campus will open its doors at the…

Lucien Joppen

source b syngip

Syngip: isobutene from syngas

It is roughly a matter of two to three years when bacteria will be able to convert…

Lucien Joppen


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Bio-based solutions for a reliable supply chain for medicines

Bio-based solutions for a reliable supply chain for medicines

Synthetic biology and fermentation offer a promising bio-based alternative to traditional manufacturing of medicines, says Christina…

Editorial office / Menlo Park

Sophie Roelants (Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant)

Dozens of new biosurfactants developed

Is it possible to completely biologically produce surfactants? Only 4% of these commonly used substances are…

Editorial office / Ghent

Bioprocess Pilot Facility

Successful pilot scale production of bio-based L-alanine

DMC Biotechnologies has successfully produced its lead product, L-alanine at pilot scale at the Bioprocess Pilot…

Editorial office / Delft

Whiskey still kettles

Biorefinery Roadmap for Scotland launched

IBioIC CEO Roger Kilburn launched the Biorefinery Roadmap for Scotland on Tuesday 9th July at the…

Editorial office / Des Moines

Surfer on a rolling wave

Catalisti seeking industrial partners for ‘Surf Safari’

The Flemish spearhead cluster for chemistry and plastics Catalisti is looking for industrial partners for the…

Editorial office / Brussels

Vinger drukt op slot

BIOKET Conference opens the world to biomass

Biomass is a wonderful resource to be transformed into chemicals, biobased materials, food and feed ingredients…

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