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By involving consumers and supporting entrepreneurs, 2 of the 22 new projects from the Call 2020 of the Bio-Based Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) aim to accelerate the biobased transition in Europe: Allthings.bioPRO and BIOSWITCH.
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BIOSWITCH started on June 1 and helps brand owners from the chemical, forestry, food and agricultural sectors to switch to biobased production. The project supports brand owners in this transition and in their communication with governments and consumers. A toolbox with instruments will be developed for this. Brand owners can find out which tools they need by performing a self assessment test.

BIOSWITCH is coordinated by Clic Innovation Oy (Finland) and has partners in The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Finland and Denmark. The project runs until May 31, 2022 and has a total budget of nearly € 1 million.

Serious game

Allthings.bioPRO starts on September 1, 2020 and aims to involve citizens in setting the agenda of the biobased industry. This is done in a contemporary way, by developing a gamification ecosystem, with an online game that will raise awareness about the benefits of biobased, support learning and collect input and data generated by citizens. The project focuses on four themes related to everyday life: food packaging, fashion and textiles, children and schools, and jobs and careers. These themes are also addressed in an accompanying communication campaign that builds on the current BioCannDo project. In addition to a game, a smartphone app and various online and offline events are also being developed. Furthermore, the possibility of setting up an action network and a ‘citizen observatory for the bioeconomy’ is being explored.

The coordinator of Allthings.bioPRO is the Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe (Germany) and there are partners from Belgium, The Netherlands, Estonia, Germany, Italy and Sweden. The project runs until August 31, 2023 and has a total budget of nearly € 2 million.

The official kick-off of both projects is later this year. More background information can be found on the respective websites of the mentioned projects.

Image: Halfpoint/Shutterstock