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Over the next three years, Senbis in Emmen (the Netherlands), will be investing €5.5 million through its subsidiary SPIC Facilities, in a testing facility for the development of sustainable plastics. Of this amount, €4 million will be spent on acquiring new, modern pilot machines.
Editorial office / Emmen

This represents a considerable expansion of the facilities of SPIC Emmen, the cluster of companies and institutions in the Northern Netherlands that jointly make their own facilities available to the market. This way they facilitate the acceleration and upscaling of developments relating to sustainable plastics.

We will be acquiring an impressive range of machinery that will make successive processes in the plastics sector available at different levels: from grams and kilograms to trucks full,’ says Gerard Nijhoving, Director of Senbis, which supplies polymer expertise and laboratory services, and which coordinates the use of the machines.

The investments are made possible by the financing provided by VoordeGroei BV, SME Fund Drenthe and the Senbis shareholders, as well as by the grants provided by the Northern Netherlands Provinces (ERDF funds), the Province of Drenthe and the Municipality of Emmen.

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