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Roaring engines, flaming exhausts and smoking rubber; Formula 1 sport does not seem overly concerned about the environment and economical driving styles. But appearances are deceiving.
Editorial office / Zandvoort

Even in this extreme motor sport, there is a growing awareness that our planet is irreplaceable and a lot of the world’s most beautiful race tracks could be flooded as the polar caps continue to melt.

Formula One Group CEO Chase Carey announces a PR offensive that will focus on the measures taken in this sport for a greener planet. The emphasis is on efficient and hybrid engines, hydrogen, biofuels and fully synthetic fuels.

According to The Checkered Flag, Carey told analysts in Wall Street that sustainability will become an integral part of the Formula 1 story; our partners are quite excited about it.”

In 2012 F1’s former boss Bernie Ecclestone introduced the all-electric Formula E. Races were held in this class since the 2014-2015 season.