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Ghent is the birthplace of bioenergy production in Belgium. No less than 90% of all biofuels in Flanders are produced here. The renewed cluster Flanders Biobased Valley (FBBV) will provide a further boost to biobased chemicals and materials. In addition to this, FBBV wants to become the premier cluster organisation representing the biobased economy in Flanders.
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‘Ghent is traditionally an area where large agro bulk streams enter the country’, according to Sofie Dobbelaere, managing director of Flanders Biobased Valley (FBBV). ‘This contrasts with the port of Antwerp which concentrates more on petrochemicals and container transport and storage. Ghent – especially the University – has also built up significant expertise in the field of biotechnology. So it is no coincidence that Ghent Bio-Energy Valley was established in 2006. This was in large part due to Wim Soetaert (Ghent University). His inspiration and the cooperation between private and public partners enabled Ghent to attract a large share of the development and production of biofuels here over the years.’

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