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“Straightforward communication about complex products and processes”

If there is anything we need to get the market acceptance of biobased products off the…

Pierre Gielen

New eco-friendly coating for boats based on shellfish waste

New eco-friendly coating for boats based on shellfish waste

Researchers from the GREEN-CHEM network at Ghent University have developed a new coating for boats based…


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Green leaf close-up

Tech Tour Launches Circular 2024 Programme

Tech Tour is announcing the launch of the first edition of the Tech Tour Circular 2024…

Editorial office / Ghent

BEE Bio Energy Base Ghent

Ghent coal terminal becomes carbon negative business cluster

On the site of a former coal terminal in the port of Ghent (Belgium), energy company…

Editorial office / Ghent

North Sea Port Ghent harbour

Climate plan for the Ghent Canal Zone and North Sea Port

The Ghent part of North Sea Port in Belgium has all the unique assets to become…

Editorial office / Ghent

Pilotplant equipment

Pilots4U is looking for a network coordinator

The Pilots4U project team is looking for a Stakeholder Relations Manager to coordinate and further develop…

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Businessplan written on the wall

How to write a succesful biobased businessplan

In the framework of the Global Biobased Businessplan Competition (G-BiB), a masterclass is organized on how…

Editorial office / Ghent

Corn field

US company Inari opens new R&D site in Ghent

Inari, a U.S. company revolutionizing agricultural R&D, has opened up its first overseas office in Ghent,…

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Tech Tour Circular 2024

Sint-Pietersabdij, Gent

Knowledge for Growth 2023

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