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Is it possible to completely biologically produce surfactants? Only 4% of these commonly used substances are totally bio-based. And even those are still largely produced with environmentally harmful and dangerous production processes.
Editorial office / Ghent

When the AppliSurf project started two years ago under the coordination of Flanders Biobased Valley, there seemed to be a long way to go. The aim of AppliSurf was to develop, scale up and test microbially produced biosurfactants, consisting of 100% bio-based (renewable) raw materials, such as vegetable oil, sugars and even (food) waste flows.

Project leader Sophie Roelants of the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP): “We can now present a large portfolio, with approximately 20 microbial components that can already be produced on a kilogram and even a ton scale at BBEPP and another 40 derivatives thereof, via green chemistry and/or biocatalysis.”

In December this year, the project will be concluded with a two-day international conference in Ghent, where the results will be presented.

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Image: Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant