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Under the direction of Yvonne van der Meer, the research group at: Sustainability of Biobased Materials in a Circular Economy has started.
Editorial office / Geleen

The research group could be set up thanks to a donation from the oil and chemical company Saudi Aramco to the Limburg University Fund. The company wants to link with the environment in countries where it is active and focuses on themes that are socially relevant, such as sustainability.

Yvonne van der Meer has been involved for a longer period at AMIBM as program leader Biobased Materials and co-founder of AMIBM. In that position she has always worked to make sustainability part of the research program of the institute. With the donation of Aramco, it is now possible to build up this research group and attract an employee (PhD). ‘An advantage of our position within AMIBM is that we as researchers are directly involved in case studies from which data is modeled. The other research groups can also use the expertise of our group to have processes calculated on the sustainability impact. ‘

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