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At the start of December, AMIBM opened the doors of its renovated premises to the public. One of AMIBM’s showpieces is the Wet Spinning Line, used to manufacture biobased fibres for biomedical applications. For Professor Stefan Jockenhövel, Scientific Director at AMIBM, it is a dream come true.
Editorial office / Netherlands

AMIBM (Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials), the cross-border cooperation between Maastricht University, RWTH Aachen University and Frauenhofer IME, focuses on the transition from fossil materials to the manufacture of polymers and products from natural raw materials. Research at AMIBM is organised along five lines of research, which run almost parallel with the value chain from biobased raw material to application. Naturally, sustainability plays a major role in the entire chain. Although the institute is still very young, it is experiencing strong growth. ‘We started two years ago and now employ 58 people. I believe the secret is the enthusiasm and the way we are able to integrate and communicate the research and the developments. Thanks to very close cooperation along the entire value chain, truly valuable new or optimised polymers and applications are being created.’

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