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The biobased community in Europe must grow into a lively ecosystem, where parties find each other easily and interconnections are created between start-ups, scale-ups and industrial companies that work together on the development of innovative, cross-border and cross-sectoral industrial value systems. The international event Pitch Perfect and Boost the European Bioeconomy on 28 September 2021 will certainly play a role in this.
Pierre Gielen

Pitch Perfect is a unique opportunity for players in the European bioeconomy to meet physically, for many finally, after a long time. “In this event, we bring together a significant part of bio-based systems, from feedstock and technology owners to industry and investors,” says Stef Denayer, stakeholder relations manager of Pilots4U, one of the organising parties. The stage for the event will be the Sheraton Hotel at Brussels Airport. “It is a bit of a gamble to switch from online meetings to physical meetings again. That’s why we chose this location: you can fly in and out via Brussels international airport very easily.” In addition, the airport is easily accessible by car and train.

Wrapping up

There are now more than 130 registrations, while there is room for 200 participants. The number of pitches is also rapidly approaching the maximum: 60 have already been registered. Another 6 can be added at most. “It is going very fast,” concludes Denayer. “So companies that also want to submit a pitch should be quick, because we want to start wrapping up this week.”

It means that in a single day, participants can see dozens of pitches, make various contacts during matchmaking sessions and network in an informal environment, during lunch and coffee breaks. Many pitches will be made by scale-ups and start-ups in the biobased economy who are looking for partners to further develop and commercialise their invention. Pitch Perfect allows them to get in touch with companies looking for biobased solutions and with venture capitalists looking for promising developments to invest in.

Successful collaboration

Back in 2018, Pitch Perfect was already held by Bio Base Connect, BioBase4SME, SuperBio and the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. The concept was successful and has now been adapted to fit six organisations, all active in the European bioeconomy and supported by the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU): Pilots4U, Tech4Biowaste, BioeconomyVentures, Smartbox, Waste2Func and Bio Base Connect.

Stef Denayer: “In Europe there are many BBI JU projects in progress or completed. But if you ask how the interconnection between these projects and activities is going, the answer is ‘poor.’ We think that interconnection is important. That is why we have organised a joint event, together with other BBI JU projects where the intention is also to bring stakeholders together.”

“The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) also fully supports us because it sees added value in connecting output of projects and contents of databases to magnify impacts and increase contribution to European initiatives. For example, Pilots4U unlocks the pilot and demo facilities in Europe. Tech4BioWaste is creating a new platform to make novel technologies for biowaste utilisation accessible. And BioeconomyVentures helps start-ups to obtain financing. These three platforms fit together nicely and meet the needs of start-ups and scale-up companies. If we link those three platforms, this combination offers the participants what they may need, ranging from technology through facilities to financing.”

The date for Pitch Perfect is approaching fast; 28 September. Registration for participation is possible until 24 September. Pitch registration is possible until 17 September. For more information check the Pitch Perfect website and the agenda.

This article was produced in collaboration with the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC).

Images: Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant/Pilots4U