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Pilots4U performed a gap analysis exercise to understand where the EU may have over/under capacity and vulnerabilities now and in the near future. The results of the gap analysis were validated with a broad range of bio-economy experts and used to build a series of business cases to help addressing the identified gaps in equipment and expertise provision in open access pilot and demonstration centres.

The aim of this Financial Roundtable will be to validate the financial aspects of these business cases through discussion with a selection of public and private funding and financing specialists.

The workshop will focus on the assessment of the business cases, establishing the most effective options available to finance them and the possible bottlenecks associated to the suggested funding options.

With your input, Pilots4U will build efficient business cases for investment to strengthen the European landscape of open access pilot and demonstration facilities, which will, in turn, contribute to speeding up bio-economy innovation.

Registration is free of charge but mandatory.