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Chemport Connect Live returns on 12 October 2021 with an online broadcast about scaling up and how to finance that.

The following issues will be discussed:

  • The biggest scale-up challenges;
  • How to resolve obstacles;
  • How to manage the milestones of technological development with expectations of your investors;
  • The start-up and scale-up perspective in Europe;
  • The financial instruments in Europe to solve the lack of financial resources;
  • What are open issues that need to be addressed, e.g. on European level.

In the discussion panel are Joost Pâques (Paques Biomaterials), Marco Rupp (Bio-based Industries Consortium, BIC) and Errit Bekkering (Chemport Europe).The discussion is moderated by Jaap Jepma (Noordtij) and Cor Kamminga (Chemport Europe). We encourage you to take part in the discussion and to pose questions to the panelists!

The discussion will follow the development of the PHA technology of Paques Biomaterials as a case study. This technology uses naturally occuring micro-organisms to create PHA from organic residual flows. Paques plans to build a 10kton PHA demoplant in Emmen, using their technique to turn industrial waste water into fully biodegradable bioplastics.

Image: Ash Pollard/Shutterstock