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Plastic is far too valuable to be treated as waste. It can serve as feedstock for a circular economy. This calls for action to tackle plastic waste and ensure its recycling. The annual Circular Plastics Conference ’23 will talk about how to realise this ambition.

Every year the Circular Plastics Conference (CPC) facilitates keynotes, discussions and sessions in order to boost circularity in plastics on an industrial scale. We address the entire value chain from an international perspective and focus on the technological, logistic, and societal challenges lying ahead.

Last year 140+ experts, pioneering thinkers, stakeholders and academics from the field of circular plastics gathered to formulate the next steps in closing the loop before 2050. At the CPC’23 we will pick up where we left CPC’22, addressing the current developments and new challenges.

The Circular Plastics Conference is powered by DPI – The Polymer Research Platform and the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT). See the conference website for details.

Image: solarseven/Shutterstock