Inauguration of Janneke Krooneman

‘Microbiology contributes significantly to green chemistry’

In the transition to a circular, biobased economy, the worlds of chemistry and biotechnology are increasingly…

Pierre Gielen

Janneke Krooneman at ZAP Groningen

“We now have a better grip on biology”

PHAs are special biopolymers. Strictly speaking, we may not call them bioplastics, because this material is…

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Symposium 15 Years HAN BioCentre

HAN BioCentre celebrates the power of the combination

Sixteen years after its establishment, the fifteenth anniversary of HAN BioCentre could finally be celebrated in…

Pierre Gielen

Richèle Wind HAN BioCentre

HAN BioCentre opens new laboratories

With a low-key open day, HAN BioCentre celebrated the inauguration of three new laboratories this month.…

Pierre Gielen


Fermentation tanks

Tetra Pak collaborates with Mycorena on meat substitutes

Tetra Pak will develop a fungal fermentation production facility together with Swedish food producer Mycorena to…

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Fermentationlab HAN BioCentre

Symposium 15 years HAN BioCentre on 21 June 2022

After being postponed several times due to corona, the symposium '15 years HAN BioCentre: a multidisciplinary…

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Biological robots reproduce themselves in the lab

Scientists in the US have created tiny robots from stem cells of frog embryos. These biological…

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€ 2.5 Million reward for fungal strain

€ 2.5 Million reward for fungal strain

The Dutch/Belgian company Those Vegan Cowboys (TVC) is awarding € 2.5 million for the perfect fungal…

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