Trends and practical research in marine and aquatic biomass

Marine and aquatic biomass can be a promising source of sustainable bio-based materials. To actually process…

Pierre Gielen

Bioreactor The Lighthouse

Algae and weeds: crops of the future

A microbial kitchen garden in every home? Want to start the day with a fresh shake…

Pierre Gielen

Coatings and cosmetics from French sunflowers

Coatings and cosmetics from French sunflowers

The oleochemical company Oleon from Ertvelde has built a new plant to produce biobased building blocks…

Pierre Gielen


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Micoalgae biorefinery

SCALE consortium builds world’s largest biorefinery for microalgae

In Baillargues, southern France, the world's largest biorefinery for microalgae will be built. This is announced…

Editorial office / Baillargues

Cosmetics bottles by L'Oréal

First plastic cosmetic bottle made from CO2 emissions

LanzaTech, Total and L’Oréal have premiered the world’s first sustainable packaging made from captured and recycled…

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Research in the lab

Evonik and Beiersdorf turn CO2 and sunlight into care products

Beiersdorf and Evonik have reached an agreement on a research partnership, aiming to develop sustainable raw…

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Woman with sun lotion on back

Sun protection creams based on bioplastics

Italy-based company Bio-on and Unilever have introduced a new range of sun protection creams made from…

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Oleon opens new factory in Ertvelde

Oleon opens new factory in Ertvelde

The chemical giant Oleon from Ghent opened a new factory for sustainable cosmetics, lubricants and car…

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17th Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) 1

Nine candidates for Hemp Product of the Year 2018

Nine products from seven companies have been nominated for the Innovation Award Hemp Product of the…

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