Green PAC is an open innovation centre for (green) plastics, fibres and composites. We initiate and facilitate ‘business-driven’ knowledge development. Within Green PAC applied research is done, knowledge is developed and (accelerated) innovations are realised by a unique joint venture between universities of applied sciences, universities and companies in the plastics industry.

By making use of the various facilities that Green PAC offers, the business community is being allowed to develop and carry out innovative projects under favourable conditions. In addition, Green PAC is focusing on education in North East Netherlands in order to strengthen the innovative power surrounding plastics technology.

From fundamental idea to thriving private limited liability company

At Green PAC technological issues are translated into research themes. In close cooperation with the business community students, lecturers, researchers, professors of applied sciences and professors conduct research into these application-focused technology and business cases. These cases subsequently contribute to activity in the form of start-ups and new enterprises.

Thanks to the direct interaction between knowledge suppliers and the business community, Green PAC is leading to quicker adaptation of new technology in the business community. Knowledge circulation between the universities of applied sciences, universities, technology companies and regional education is being stimulated and has an important place within Green PAC.

Green PAC stands for:

  • The development of knowledge;
  • The valorisation of promising innovative ideas and research;
  • The facilitation of projects in the commercial risk phase;
  • And finding better connection between Higher Professional Education ‘HBO’ (Centre of Expertise) and Secondary Vocational Education ‘MBO’ (Centres for Innovative Craftsmanship) programmes and the business community.

In short, Green PAC provides all the ingredients and necessary links in the innovation process from fundamental idea to thriving BV.