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The construction of a movable biocomposite bicycle bridge will start this summer in Ritsumasyl (Fryslan, NL). A unique feature of the bridge will be two free spans of 22m each.
Editorial office / Ritsumasyl

A movable biobased bridge with such a large span has never been built in the public road network. Certainly not with 80% biobased composite and 100% natural fibers (based on flax).

Light and strong

Biocomposite is an interesting building material for infrastructure constructions, because it is relatively light and stronger than steel per unit of weight. A team from NHL Stenden and Hogeschool Windesheim (from the Green PAC initiative), Hochschule Osnabrück and TU Delft is currently investigating the best way to implement the new biocomposite bridge. This involves looking at various combinations of flax fiber mats and bio-resins.

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