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The CO2 impact of measures transition teams in The Netherlands propose to make the Dutch economy circular is not always clear, says Ton Bastein, senior scientist at TNO.
Editorial office / The Hague

‘Making high-quality products from used plastics in stead of incinerating them, will yield results in terms of CO2. But in the refining of biotic residual streams, the CO2 gain is not at all transparent. In terms of emissions, this may be more or less neutral. ‘

The transition teams delivered their agendas earlier this year to State Secretary Van Veldhoven. They contain a list of measures they think should be taken to make the Dutch economy completely circular in 2050, which is the ambition of the Dutch government. According to Bastein, who is involved in the official evaluation of the transition agendas by TNO, however, no-one has a clear picture of what exactly is meant by ‘completely circular’. The approach and quality of the various transition agendas also differ widely.

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