The Green Chemistry Campus, on the premises of SABIC Innovative Plastics in Bergen op Zoom, is a business accelerator for developing biobased chemical building blocks for the chemical industry. The Campus enhances the success rate of biobased entrepreneurs and thus contributes to the realisation of a biobased economy.

Green Chemistry Campus: Accelerating Biobased Business

B2B entrepreneurs − both large companies and SMEs, knowledge institutions, and the government work closely together in an open innovation environment to develop new biobased technologies and products with a focus on performance materials, chemicals and coatings. Through the valorisation of residual flows from the agricultural and food sector, the Campus actively contributes to a sustainable and profitable biobased economy with less dependence on fossil fuels, without competing with food supplies.

At the Green Chemistry Campus start-up businesses benefit from renowned incubator services to take the step from (pre)start-up to full-scale production. Large companies and knowledge institutions on the other hand praise the Campus as an excellent location to carry out R&D, as well as its unique possibility to co-site.

The Green Chemistry Campus multiplies your chances of biobased business success by offering:

  • Excellent facilities, all in one location
  • Open innovation in the value chain
  • State-of-the-art business development programs
  • Tailor-made incubator services
  • A stimulating and inspiring community

Biobased Delta: Global Chemical ‘Sweet Spot’

The Green Chemistry Campus is part of the Biobased Delta, in the Southwest-Netherlands: a triple-helix, public-private valorisation platform in the field of biobased chemistry. Under the heading “Agro meets Chemistry” the Biobased Delta, together with partners in Flanders and the province of South Holland, presents itself, as a Biobased Economy hotspot in Europe.

According to Deloitte nowhere in the world is a region as suitable as the Biobased Delta for valorizing sugars into chemical building blocks for the chemical industry. Biomass is widely available, the logistic connections are excellent and the market is close by because the region is part of the largest chemical cluster of the world.

The Southwest-Netherlands is at the European forefront of biobased innovations: the region is known for its vibrant and thriving ecosystem that drives open innovation. It hosts a triple-helix cooperation programme with cross-overs between branches and considerable investments have been made over the past years.

The area generates the highest GDP per capita in the world, mainly owing to the strong historic presence of the agricultural and chemical industries such as SABIC, Shell, Royal Cosun, Cargill, DOW and Lamb Weston Meijer, offering ample opportunity for cross-fertilization and biobased business development.

The Green Chemistry Campus is strategically located within 40 minutes from the ports of Rotterdam (Europe’s largest port) and Antwerp (second largest) and is easily accessible by road.