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Total Corbion PLA has launched the world’s first commercially available chemically recycled bioplastics product: Luminy rPLA, partially made from post-industrial and post-consumer PLA waste.
Editorial office / Gorinchem

Total Corbion is already receiving and depolymerizing reprocessed PLA waste, which is then purified and polymerized back into commercially available Luminy® rPLA. According to the manufacturer, it has the same properties, characteristics and regulatory approvals as virgin PLA.

The commercial availability of Luminy rPLA offers brandowners the opportunity to make products from recycled PLA, with the luxury of having original food contact and other certifications in place. François de Bie, Senior Marketing Director at Total Corbion PLA, said: “For our customers, the new, additional end-of-life avenue this provides could be the missing piece in their own sustainability puzzle, and we look forward to solving these challenges together.”

Read more about rPLA on the Total Corbion website.

Photo: Total Corbion