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Vegetable oils/fats biorefinery and the oleochemical industry in Europe process about 55 million tonnes of raw materials per year into semi-finished products for mainly food applications and precursor chemicals. These processes release a variety of by-products, including free fatty acids in deodorisation distillates and valuable compounds such as tocopherol and squalene.
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In the BBI JU funded project IRODDI, these substances are recovered as new raw materials for the circular biobased economy. For example, they can be used for the manufacture of surfactant products for food detergency applications, bio-lubricants and bio-polyols. These will be used to develop new, greener processes for obtaining new bio-based products with specific properties and functionalities. It will also recover the valuable tocopherol without deteriorating the quality by using innovative technologies that use softer operational conditions than the traditional ones.

It is all clearly explained in the animated video.

Image: IRODDI/YouTube