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“Without further investments in the bioeconomy, the net zero emission target will not be met”. Data issued from the EU project Biomonitor point out gaps in the Green Deal and suggest speeding up procedures: “New technologies must be fostered but length and complexity of the European approval process risk discouraging the investors”, said project coordinator Justus Wesseler.
Editorial office / Brussels

“To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 we need more investments than those envisaged by the Green Deal, otherwise we will never make it. It is crucial that the European Commission further stimulates the bio-economy and does not drive away investors.”

This is evident from figures issued by the EU project Biomonitor, which modelled several possible scenarios for the next decades. Lasting over four years, Biomonitor kicked off in 2018 with the aim of addressing the information gap in bioeconomy research, to provide political and economic leaders with more effective planning tools.

Wesseler suggests that it might be helpful to direct investments at the EU level towards specific sub-sectors of the bioeconomy where the potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is higher than for others.

Read the full interview with Justus Wesseler on the Biomonitor project website.

Image: Soloviova Liudmyla/Shutterstock