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The Belgian Innovaton Cluster Catalisti has started two new bioeconomy projects: Enzymares and BIOPOL4MOTIVE.
Editorial office / Antwerp

Enzymares is an intercluster project by Catalisti, Blauwe Cluster and Flanders’ FOOD. It will develop an enzyme prediction toolbox to help companies speed up enzyme discovery and reduce the time-to-market for new enzymes, through:

  • an improved high-quality database that integrates different types of molecular and biological data;
  • the inclusion of ecological information about the organism and its habitat, as organisms inhabiting extreme habitats are far more likely to produce enzymes capable of performing under extreme conditions;
  • the inclusion, at an early stage, of process parameters and performance needs, to make sure that enzymes are indeed fit-for-purpose, to significantly increase the number of qualitative hits, and to reduce the time-to-market.

With this innovative toolbox, Enzymares will contribute to the success of enzymes as sustainable bio-catalysts and thus support companies in making their processes more sustainable.

Sustainable acoustic foam

BIOPOL4MOTIVE will support car manufacturers and their suppliers in making flexible polyurethane (PU) foams used in car acoustic interiors more sustainable. The project will create two grades of PU systems (i.e. high-resilience and visco-elastic) with a substantial biobased content, delivering the required biobased content without functional loss and at attractive cost.

In the framework of the Flemish government’s policy plan for the bioeconomy, BIOPOL4MOTIVE was the first cluster project awarded the Bioeconomy Label by VLAIO.

Image: Design_Cells/Shutterstock