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The EU should champion the bio-economy. The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) therefore calls on the European Commission to update the current bio-strategy and the EU's action plan in 2018.
Editorial office / Brussels

The 2012 EU strategy in place now, has contributed to a growing importance for biobased industries in promoting sustainable growth, to increasing Europe’s competitiveness and help reindustrialise and revitalize rural and coastal areas. The Bio-based Industries Consortium and the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking play an active role in achieving these objectives.

Changes in the economic and political context in the EU, however, require an update. Nowadays, there is more emphasis on reducing climate change, the transition to a circular economy and achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Ambitious and action-oriented

BIC believes the EU should seize the opportunity to aim for an ambitious and action-oriented bioeconomy strategy update, taking into account the following:

Don’t stop the innovation train: To maintain the EU leadership role in the bioeconomy, continued investment and a second round of the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking – BBI 2.0. – are necessary. Stopping now would mean losing out on investments already made.

The EU should champion the bioeconomy: The bioeconomy helps the EU lead in delivering on its circular economy and low-carbon economy goals, as well as on most of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Make the EU Bioeconomy Strategy tangible for consumers and businesses and capable of delivering concrete consumer benefits: Promote bio-based products and raise public awareness in order to create an EU internal market for sustainable alternatives to fossil-based products.

The full text of the call to action is available on the BIC website.