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This week Stora Enso launches NeoLigno®, an a completely biobased binder system on the basis of lignin, without formaldehyde and isocyanates.
Editorial office / Kotka

NeoLigno provides a high-quality alternative for industries that currently use binders based on fossil fuels or hazardous chemicals, for example in chipboard and insulation materials used in the construction industry.

Stora Enso has made it its mission to replace such hazardous substances with renewable materials, such as the plant-based lignin. This is completely free of toxic substances and can be traced back to its area of origin. In this way, Neoligno ensures a healthier indoor and working environment.

“With NeoLigno, our customers can develop products that are safer to make and use without compromising on technical performance,” says Lauri Lehtonen, Head of Innovation at Stora Enso’s Biomaterials Division.

Image: Particle board with lignin based binder, Stora Enso