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Catalisti in Belgium is making a call for industrial partners for the project 'SWEETEST'. This project focuses on the production and use of sugar esters. Sugar (fatty acid) esters are esters obtained by reacting a sugar with an (fatty) acid.
Editorial office / Belgium

The main goals and challenges of this project are 1) to identify which chemical identities (sugar composition, fatty acid chain length and degree of saturation, hydrophobicity, degree of esterification, etc.) give the desired and most performant biological functionality/activity, 2) how to produce (and purify) the most relevant sugar esters efficiently and uniquely, 3) how to formulate and emulsify them for the desired end applications, and 4) to test the biological activity of most relevant sugar esters ‘in vitro’ and ‘in vivo’. In first instance, lab-scale production will be pursued, after which (in second instance) production on kg-scale can be pursued if lab-scale production turns out to be technically (and economically) feasible. In the first two years of the project, lab-scale production and ‘in vitro’ testing of relevant sugar esters is targeted.

The current industrial partners will focus their efforts mainly on the development of sugar esters − derived from simple sugars (monosaccharides) and short (C1-C4) and mid-chain (C6-C12) fatty acids − to be used in feed additive applications. Focus will be mainly on enzymatic production processes (although chemical production pathways are not entirely excluded). Additional industrial partners are welcome to explore complementary developments.

If you’re interested in joining this project, please send an e-mail before March, 3rd, 2017, to Luc van Ginneken, with in Cc. Briefly describe your interest and potential contribution to the project. Only offers from industrial partners (and not from universities or research institutes) will be considered at this moment.

For more information op Catalisti.