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It has been almost two months since the 31st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE 2023) in Bologna, Italy. Between 5 to 9 June, the conference attracted more than 1,500 participants from 79 countries from all over the world.
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EUBCE has become the premier European event on biomass, with a total of 700 presentations in more than 100 scientific and industrial sessions, 14 parallel events and 28 live stage presentations on advances in the use of bio-resources for a circular and sustainable economy. 38 organisations from 12 countries participated in the accompanying Expo, while 20 EU projects were highlighted. There were also two guided tours.

The size of EUBCE makes it impossible to have followed all the presentations and other activities. Therefore, the organisation has put information, various highlights, key messages, photos and videos on the conference website. They can be viewed online by everyone, not only by people who attended the conference.

Check out the links below:
Opening plenary session (video of over 3.5 hours)
Closing session (video of over 1 hour)
Highlights of the conference (slides)
Key messages from the Industry Track (slides)
Overview of participants
Photo gallery
Video gallery
EU Projects
Technical Tours

Meanwhile, the 32nd EUBCE in Marseille is already underway! Check the website for more information.

Image: EUBCE