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On 16 June 2021, PolyStyreneLoop will celebrate the Grand Opening of the PS Loop plant in Terneuzen, The Netherlands.
Editorial office / Terneuzen

PolyStyreneLoop contributes to the Circular Economy by recycling polystyrene (PS) foam demolition waste containing the legislated flame retardant hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD). The Solvent- based Purification (SBP) process developed by CreaCycle GmbH and Fraunhofer IVV separates HBCD from the PS allowing the recycling of PS to be used for new insulation materials.

The bromine in the HBCD is recovered by the Bromine Recovery Unit (BRU) of ICL after safe destruction of HBCD. The bromine is re-used to produce new polymeric flame retardants to be applied in insulation products made from the recyclate Loop-PS.

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Image: PolyStyreneLoop