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In the Netherlands, king Willem Alexander will open the first Dutch bio-LNG plant located in Amsterdam on 14 October. This is announced by the State Information Service (RVD). The bio-LNG plant has been built on the site of Renewi in Amsterdam Westpoort, and makes an important contribution to making road transport more sustainable.
Editorial office / Amsterdam

The three initiators, Renewi, Nordsol and Shell, each have their own role in the production of the biofuel. Renewi collects organic waste throughout the Netherlands, such as supermarket products that have passed their sell-by date. The recycler then processes the waste and converts it into biogas in its own digesters.

Nordsol’s new bio-LNG plant upgrades the biogas to bio-LNG. Shell supplies this bio-LNG to its customers at its LNG filling stations in the Netherlands. In addition, CO2 is removed from the biogas during the production of bio-LNG and liquefied for reuse in greenhouses.

The new plant is expected to produce around 3.4 kilotons of bio-LNG per year, preventing the emission of over ten kilotons of fossil CO2, enough for thirteen million road kilometres.

Image: Nordsol