EV's good for the planet?

Car makers push for solid state batteries

Electric cars are known for their comparatively large carbon footprint. Culprits are the lithium-ion batteries. They…

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Nordsol bio-L:NG plant in Amsterdam

King to open first Dutch bio-LNG plant

In the Netherlands, king Willem Alexander will open the first Dutch bio-LNG plant located in Amsterdam…

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Port of Den Helder

From fossil home port to lifeline for the energy transition

Port of Den Helder supports shipping in the North Sea that is active in offshore energy…

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Hyzon hydrogen truck

European factory for hydrogen trucks in Groningen

The US commercial fuel cell vehicle developer Hyzon Motors has announced the opening of its European…

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Truck exhaust pipe

LNG and biomethane trucks up to 5 times more polluting than diesel

Trucks with a liquefied natural gas (LNG) engine pollute the air up to five times more…

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BioLNG a road transport fuel of the future

During COP24 in Katowice, the consortium BioLNG EuroNet announced a commitment to the further expansion of…

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